Why Bamboo?

What is Bamboo?

Bamboo is a type of true grass that is one of the largest grasses in the world. They are fast-growing, woody plans that have a high cultural significance in East and Southeast Asia Band. It used for a number of different applications. and is a major food source for the dwindling population of Great Panda bears.

There are several varieties of bamboo. some are as short as one foot (30 am) in height whi4s awn can grow to ten times that The root structures of bamboo plan vary and they are often scientifically classified by root type. Many difference climates 1541,3,300 bamboo. although it commonly associated. with the tropics.

What type of plan is Bamboo?

Although vastly unlike the type of grass most people are used to seeing. bamboo is indeed e large grass plan. Well known for being the food of choice f or many a panda bear. bamboo is grown in many place throughout the world for a variety of reasons and uses. A visually stunning incredibly strong plant, ilk sometimes hard to believe that bamboo shares so much in common with the green grass seen in Ms and yards.